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Enhancing effectiveness in the public arena.


Affecting the outcome of public policy decisions is vitally important to thousands of businesses, institutions and associations.


With strong program strengths in Government Relations, Grassroots Campaigns and Public Affairs, NRCS works to produce a positive public policy outcome for clients through design and execution of a customized, strategic program.

In consultation with our clients, NRCS utilizes those elements deemed necessary for success— GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN, COMMUNITY OUTREACH, SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION, NAVIGATING THE PUBLIC APPROVAL PROCESSMANAGING THE MEDIA. We also identify and tap our clients’ unrealized capacities and resources and apply them towards specific public policy objectives. Additionally, we promote our clients’ short and long-term interests by helping to build positive relationships with governing bodies, the media, and diverse constituencies.

Each initiative NRCS undertakes draws on more than two decades of experience in building public support and positioning clients’ issues to achieve maximum success through the often complex governmental decision making process.

Ultimately, NRCS’s success is our client’s success.

NRCS, Inc. is certified as an MBE/WBE by the State of Maryland and is certified as a WBE by the City of Baltimore

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