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Organizations realize that the traditional means of delivering their message must be augmented by new methods; often simple and effective, but largely underutilized.

Today's public decision makers are operating in a climate highly sensitive to constituent concerns. Policy decisions must not only make sense in a deliberative arena, they must also be justifiable to a highly attentive local constituency. Thus, issues with significance to and support of local constituents have a greater likelihood of succeeding in the public arena.

NRCS has developed an innovative program to help businesses, institutions and associations tap into this "populist" sentiment by harnessing grassroots support for the issues that matter to them. NRCS grassroots campaigns identify, educate, and mobilize key influentials in the community, internal constituents and selected segments of the general citizenry. NRCS helps others to become articulate spokespersons for your cause.


NRCS can:


v   Coordinate issue campaigns, aimed at generating direct and effective communication with decision makers-

       personal letters, phone calls, emails, faxes- as well as positive media coverage.


v   Identify key organizational assets, such as employees, vendors, members, alumni.


v   Mobilize this asset base to positively impact outcomes in the public arena.


v   Design "user friendly" software to enable timely, targeted mobilization of grassroots support.


v   Develop specific recruitment tactics and materials to expand the quality, volume and scope of grassroots 

      activities undertaken by client. Used in concert with effective staff and outside counsel, these tactics can build

      a network of grassroots support and enhance the probability of achieving desired public policy outcomes.

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