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Building bridges to the community can mean a successful long term partnership that serves
both private and public interest.

Community relations issues vary greatly depending on the particularity of needs of the client. In consultation with our clients, NRCS develops community based outreach plans aimed at positioning the client as a credible institution in the eyes of local constituencies. Our strategies are driven by painstaking identification of key community resources—leaders, institutions, organizations—and an understanding of community needs and issues. A client’s message is then, and only then, crafted in a manner that responds and relates to the issues facing a community.

In our experience, it is rare when constructive bridges between the client and the community cannot be built. With understanding, recognition and respect as a foundation, open dialogues can be established, negatives mitigated, and support galvanized for a client’s issues.

Mobilizing groups and individuals in support of common goals, and working to turn community constituencies into supportive advocates, can help our clients achieve objectives that it would find difficult or impossible to reach alone.

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