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NRCS has an extensive track record of successfully helping clients to achieve positive outcomes on public policy issues.


Among the clients for whom NRCS has handled major initiatives/organizational strategies are:

v  American Petroleum Institute

v  The Coca-Cola Company

v  Downtown Baltimore Retail/ Business Community

v  National Association of Manufacturers

v  Homebuilders Association of Maryland        

v  Tenneco- Newport News Shipbuilding

v  Maryland Stadium Authority

v  Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.

v  United States Chamber of Commerce

v  Baltimore Orioles

v  Product Liability Coordinating Council

v  Baltimore Ravens NFL Football

v  United States Figure Skating Association

v  Sherwin-Williams

v  NL Industries, Inc

v  Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association

v  Honeywell

v  Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

v  Health Insurance Association of America

v  National Air Quality Coalition

v  ACS State and Local Solutions

v  Duke Energy North America

v  Maryland Hospital Coalition

v  Primadonna Resorts, Inc.

v  National Federation of Independent Business

v  Rite Aid Corporation

v  Maryland Jockey Club

v  Manor Care, Inc.

v  Washington County Restaurant Association

v  Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland

v  Millenium Holdings, Inc

v  Regional Bell Operating Companies

v  Marta Technologies

v  U.S. Public Technologies

v  Lockheed Martin IMS

v  Maryland Retailers Association

v  Magna Entertainment Corp.

v  DuPont Worldwide

v  Environmental Systems Products

v  Atlantic Richfield Company.

v  Wawa, Inc.

v  St. Agnes Health Care

v  Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

v  Maryland Radiological Society

v  Johns Hopkins University

v  Edison Electric Institute

v  Glidden

v  PepsiCo, Inc.

v  AES Corporation

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